Atlas Pain & Injury

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We know that pain is both a physical and emotional roadblock to healing. That's why we've made unwavering patient care the focus of our practice. This commitment is the concept behind everything we do to reduce your pain; from our customized, innovative treatment programs to our state-of-the-art Pain Center.

We know that pain can persist despite routine medical management, posing a difficult problem for patients and their treating physicians. Chronic pain increases the probability of physical disability, psychosocial dysfunction and drug dependence.

Interventional pain management, the basis of all patient care at GPM, is one of the newest and most exciting specialties in medicine and follows the trend of minimally invasive therapy.

This approach relies on treatments that "intervene" in the transmission of pain signals within the body. This means identifying and treating the underlying cause of a particular pain or pain complex; allowing the pain to be subsequently reduced or eliminated. Interventional pain management reduces the need for surgery, and allows patients to return to their normal lives.

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